WLS Memories


WOW! I’ve just spent the last four hours at your site, and memories of WLS came flooding back. Listening to WLS in the 60’s and 70’s is what got me into radio in 1972. I spent the next 25 years in radio in South Bend, Indiana both on the air and later in radio advertising sales. I was Music Director at WRBR-FM in South Bend and remember when we topped WLS and a local AM station in the ratings for the first time! I taught radio for a couple of years at a local high school (we had a 10,000 watt FM station!). John Gehron was kind enough to give my students tours of WLS when I would take them to Chicago to take their FCC 3rd Class License exams(remember those?). I sent him an air-check once, and he actually replied…said I needed a little more polish! He was a wonderful person and one of radio’s smartest Program Directors.

I especially loved the WLS jingles. I have a number of JAM Productions and TM Productions demos from the seventies, including the JAM demo featuring John Landecker. Also have a TM Productions tape they did just for laughs that I’ve never heard anywhere else. .

Spending time on your site has been a most enjoyable experience, and I can’t commend you enough for taking on such a labor of love.

Thanks for filling in all the blanks and for bringing back those wonderful memories of The Big 89!

– Joe Lightner


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