Waking Uncle Lar

Hi Scott,

I worked at WLS AM & FM on the air for a brief time between 1981-82. I worked with Susan Platt, I knew Jeff Davis, Art Wallis very well. I was hired by Ric Lippincott from WISN in Milwaukee, WI. Slim Nelson replaced me on WLS-FM.

I was deemed the person to call Uncle ‘Lar to wake him up at 3:30am. Mind you, I’m all of 24, my 1st major market station…and I have to call and wake up a radio legend! Yikes! He was always so grumpy…He come shuffling in right before he went on the air…cowboy hat, windbreaker, ripped jeans…

One morning he said “are you the one that calls me? (I was in talking to the engineer – Elaine Hynson –  she was terrific!) “Grab cart #blah blah blah,” and I fired back, “I’m sorry, I’m off the clock…get it yourself” Lar: “So we’ve got a smartass in the studio, I like that in a girl!” After that he was much friendlier on the phone in the morning…a little, not much … :)

– Laurie Sanders

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