Memories from Oklahoma

Hey Scott,

I just looked at the time and I’ve been sitting here looking and listening to your WLS history site for almost 6 hours! I grew up in SW Kansas in the 70’s and WLS and KOMA in Oklahoma City were the stations that you listened to at night when the 2 local AM stations went off the air at sundown. For me, WLS was the absolute best in the way a radio station should be. John Landecker and Boogie Check was fun. While I was still in high school, if I had to get up early in the morning before sunup, I would tune in the BIG 89 and listen to Uncle Lar and Little Tommy for Animal Stories since I didn’t get to hear them that much. After I graduated from school, it was WLS always in the early mornings on the way to work – I had to be there at 5:30 – and all night long. I have been an over the road truck driver for almost 20 years now, and whenever I would get close enough to Chicago in the day time the tuner was always on WLS. AM 89 always kept me company at night also. I remember all the fun I had listening to the great Jocks that were on. Lujack, Landecker, Turi Ryder, Chuck Britton (whatever happened to these two?), Jeff Hendrix, Jim Johnson and Catherine Johns were great news people as well as fun sidekicks, Fred Winston and Don and Roma. I thought their “Name That Tune” game, where you won absolutely nothing, was good. You have done a great job putting this site together and bringing back a lot of wonderful memories of my teenage years and all the years that have followed listening to the BIG 89.

Thanks and keep it up. I’ll be back for more.

-Kelly Hogan
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

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