Personable Personalities

Hello Scott,

Came across your site, and had to add my two cents.  I was a big fan of WLS from the 70’s on down, and the first jock I talked to was Tommy Edwards.  Nice guy, great talent, wonderful to listen to, and funny as hell.  Larry Lujack & Tommy Edwards-the 70’s & 80’s version of Roe Conn & Garry Meier on WLS Newstalk 89.  Wonderful guys and Animal Stories was it for me!  Brant Miller -nice guy- he sent me an autographed picture of himself after I wrote him a fan letter and a poem in the early 80’s.  I always thought he was good looking and really funny.  I gained a lot of respect for him after he had cancer in 1983.  I always thought the way he handled his illness was with such style, grace, and humor.  Fred Winston- met him in ’83-also a nice guy.  Funny as well.  Jeff Davis- this guy deserves all of the good things finally happening to him after getting his feet wet being a jock at WLS years ago.  I wrote him a fan letter in the 80’s and he sent me an autographed picture of himself and a beautiful handwritten letter that showed just how good at calligraphy he is.  I wonder if he still does it.  Rich McMillan- the cat’s meow…nice to talk to, good looking, smart, and down to earth. (I can see how good looking he is from the picture on your site!!) Also, I wrote him requesting a picture in the 80’s and he sent me one too.  Chuck Britton-  this guy had a way of calling me toots that drove me wild!  Mike MacDonald- nice, easy to talk to, and very funny.  Wonder where he is now?  I know he used to also work at O’Hare Airport for American Airlines.  I could go on and on…all of the jocks from the 80’s.  I just about remember- but these guys are the ones that stick out for me.

Loved your site and keep up the good work!


-Kathryn Sheppard Fioti

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