John Doremus

Hi Scott,

I found your wonderful page as a link from Art Roberts.  I was a “guest teen DJ” in September of 1965!

Spent the last half hour browsing your WMAQ page.  Very well done. Very well laid out. Professional job!

When I was growing up in Brookfield, I would get to know various voices in Chicago by sending them letters.  I was wondering if you have any info on a guy named John Doremus.  Big voice.  Did a show on WMAQ-FM called “Patterns in Music” (I think that was it).  Show was also on Channel 5 for a short time on Sunday afternoons.  Anyway, I sat in on his show once and thought he was quite cool.  I know he did voice work for one of the airline music services, and my guess is he did a good number of voice over jobs as well. Any info on him?

Another guy I remember visiting was Brad Bisk (not sure about the spelling of the last name) who at the time worked at a station called WKFM.  I remember visiting him in some very shabby studios downtown.  Not sure what became of him either.

Anyway, I left Chicago in 69…was drafted into the Army.  Spent 26 years in Alaska. Then Portland, OR and presently in Sacramento, CA doing mornings for the KLOVE network.

Oh yeah…what is Chet Coppock doing now?  We went to Columbia College together.

I’m gonna continue to browse your great site. Thanks for your hard work! Do you have a life separate from the web??

-Larry Wayne
Rocklin, California

PS:  I remember the calls of some of the stations you have listed in the background of your page.  I remember WSEX.  Although I didn’t work for it with those calls, my first paid gig was at WNWC (wonderful northwest communities), later to become WEXI (owned by Mack Cadillac).  For a short time when it was ‘EXI, it was the only FM playing a rock format!

Thanks so much Larry, I think I got all the questions!  After the demise of WMAQ, Chet is working as a Chicago sports guru (including hosting Notre Dame football on WLS).  John Doremus passed away.  For a time, the PIA Radio Network picked up some of the Doremus airline shows in the late 1980’s (when I worked for them it was American, United and Continental).   WSEX became WCBR then WXBR then WKIE (among others) and now WCPY.  Now it’s ethnic and dance programming.  Oh, and no I don’t have much of a life away from the computer or the microphone!!  -Scott

Anyone else with some answers?  E-mail Larry at


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