The Ability to Entertain and the Authority to Inform


Like so many before me, I want to thank you for a dedicated effort and beautiful results.  I grew up like most in the central regions listening to WLS.

I grew up in Eastern Kentucky.  My brothers turned me on to WLS from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM every night.  It was a great escape for us.  Your pages rekindled fond memories of my childhood.  Such as picking up the station in Houston, TX on a clear night while on vacation.  And telling my cousins there how cool WLS was.  And mostly lying in bed falling asleep to the broadcasts of WLS.  And waking in the morning to hear the last of WLS (for us) that day.  My most vivid memory?  Calling at night and getting Steve King on the phone.  I was so startled my the fact that here was a super DJ on the phone with me.  I think I hung up after mumbling something incoherent.

John “Records” Landecker, Steve King and Yvonne Daniels are the ones I remember the most.  And until I found your page I always had a missing connection (where did they go?).

The power as I recall was the ability to entertain and the authority to inform.  WLS had it then, and they have it now. Some things change – but the more they change, the more they stay the same.  That’s WLS. I still listen, though in California, via the internet.  Now talk radio (like the AM rock radio of my youth) is all I listen to.

Thank you so very much for the ride.  I’ll get on again soon, for the visit is like seeing old family members that you actually miss.

Thanks again Scott,

Best Regards,

-Steve E. Craver,
Camarillo, California

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