Z95 and Brant Miller


What a great site. I really enjoyed it and have put it on my favorites list. I am 38 years old and started listening to WLS somewhere in 1968.

My only wish is that there was more mention of Z95 which was a favorite of mine for so long.  B96 never played all of the hits opting for the more dance orientated songs.  Z95 on the other hand was playing everything that charted on the top 40.

I would like to suggest that more mention be placed on Brant Miller, who was such a strong and long lasting voice on WLS and Z95.  I was very disappointed when Z95 was scrapped.  And I feel that there has never been a true top 40 station since.  In my eyes Z95 was always WLS to me under a different name.

Thank you for a great site!

-Danny Danilovic

You are right Danny, Brant was (and still is as Chief Meteorologist on NBC Channel 5 here in Chicago) a true talent and a great person!  I have been fortunate enough to work with him after all those years of enjoying his personality on WLS, WYTZ, WTMX and now back on mornings at WLS-FM.  Of course you can check out the Quick History of Chicago’s 94.7 FM.  Look for more on Brant and on Z95 as time permits.  The site is always being added to, so be sure to check the “What’s New” area often!   ~Scott

Minus his “Sunglasses at Night” Cory Hart stops by Z95 in 1988.
(L-R): EMI’s Tony Smith, Z95’s Brant Miller, Hart, PD Jan Jeffries and EMI’s Mike Scheid. (fmqb)


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