Dex Card, Larry Lujack, Steve King

Hey Scott,

One of my fondest memories was hearing Larry Lujack brag about having the exclusive new Beatles release Lady Madonna/The Inner Light when nobody else in Chicago had it.  I have that on audio tape and it is awesome to hear yet today.   Do you know where Dex Card is?  He was the best when I was a kid playing the top 40 every afternoon.  AM top 40 radio was a way of life for me.  God knows I’ll never be the same.

PS: I remember listening to WGN on my way home and heard Steve King (ex WLS) and he was discussing old top 40 radio and he gave you a nice plug for your web site.  He said you have a great web site on WLS and I agree.  I thought you would be pleased to know that you’ve got some good friends on the air.

-Mark Stegall
Wataga, Illinois







Mark, After owning some teen dance clubs and a radio station or two in Wisconsin, Dex has retired to the warm sunshine of Florida! But he’ll always be “the crew cut fellow in the first row!”  And Steve & Johnnie have been great supporters and friends. They are first rate! ~Scott

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