A Great First job


Your site makes me want to cry (and that’s a good thing)! Where did you get all those old photos. People I haven’t seen for a thousand years (Steve Casey, Tom Graye, Tom Kent, Steve Perun, Chris Shebel).

I worked in programming and music at WLS.  John Gehron was my first boss and Karen Cavaliero my second boss.  She just moved to Las Vegas with her second husband so she’s now Karen Mordue.  A long time friend too.  It makes me feel old to think that you’re on-the-air major market and were just a kid in the ’80’s when I was working at WLS.  It was a special place.  And I don’t think how realized just how special until we did a reunion in 1997.  To hear the old timers speak of being a youngster and hearing WLS in their respective home states and how that was a goal of theirs.  I think of myself as very lucky that I worked there.  I actually was more charmed than that….worked at WGN with Wally Phillips, Roy Leonard and Bob Collins, The Loop with Johnny B, Steve & Garry (for the second time), Danny Bonaduce, and then spent nearly three years at WMAQ which allowed me to be part of that illustrious history.  Boy there’s a book in there somewhere.

There’s a small group of staffers I still see a couple of times a year and the other morning I had a complete trip to the past on the air with Landecker and Brant Miller.  WLS was a great first job.

Take care.  Can’t wait to dig into the site.

-Cindy Gatziolis


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