Bring Back Memories


I’m sure you didn’t work on this site for peanuts, but a lot of what comes across is a “labor of love.”  And that’s truly great.  I found this link from a piece Bob Sirott did with WTTW on “How Chicago Rocked the 60’s.”  I’m sure glad I did.  You brought back a lot of memories from “the good old days.”  I grew up on the southwest side of Chicago listening to Dick Biondi, Clark Weber and Art Roberts, they were my most admired of the “Swingin’ Seven.”  I moved to the southwest suburbs and still listen to Dick.  Also, listened to Clark on WAIT.  Clark has changed formats but both he and Dick are still the same. Your site brought back a lot of memories and facts that I either forgot or didn’t know.

A thousand thanks,

-Ron White,
Naperville, Illinois

Thanks Ron for the compliments.  Much to most folks surprise, I do not receive any compensation to do this website.  Nor does anyone supply the web space or domain hosting.  It is completely funded by me and unlike many other sites – you won’t see any advertisements!  I do it because I believe in it.  I do appreciate the moral support of  WLS-AM . ~Scott 

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