Great trip

Hi Scott,

Just wanted to write and tell you I really enjoy the WLS History website. Great trip through the past. I remember listening to WLS in the summer of 1976, when I was on a trip to my mom’s hometown of Taylorville, IL (200 miles south of Chicago- I grew up in Louisville, KY). “Afternoon Delight,” “Shake Your Booty”, and “Let ‘Em In” were the songs I recall hearing frequently during the trip, but what really impressed me was how clear WLS came in even that far away. My first exposure to Top 40 and clear channel radio. Can’t think of a better introduction myself. My mom listened to Dick Biondi back in the 60s on WLS, and now I listened to him on 104.3, now on 94.7. That’s one thing we have in common.

Anyway, keep up the good work, and I’ll keep checking back.


– Benson Stone

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