Imitation Is The Sincerest Form…


What a great tribute! I just came across it for the first time and I must say I am VERY impressed.

When I first started out in radio in the early 80’s, my room mate (he was the PMD/MD, I was the PMD/Engineer for a 500 watt daytimer/3kW FM in Lumberton, NC) and I listened to ‘LS every night after we got in from work.

We struck up a telephone friendship with Brant Miller, Jeff Davis and Susan Platt. We copied EVERYTHING ‘LS did on our little podunk station. It was the best time in broadcasting! My room mate moved on and he does voice over work in Fayetteville, NC, last I heard and I moved into TV as the transmitter supervisor for one of the FOX O&O’s in Greensboro, NC. I had always wondered what had happend to Brant, Jeff and Susan. Your site filled in some of the holes!

I have spend many a night listening to ‘LS and then trying to hear Larry Lujack over the stations signing on in the eastern time zone. Even 800 miles away, “The Rock of Chicago” is missed!

– Charles Layno
Transmitter Supervisor
Greensboro, North Carolina


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