Julian Bentley

Dear Scott,

Hi from Europe. Your WLSHistory.com site is terrific! In Part 2, The Prairie Farmer Days, you mention twice JULIAN BENTLEY, the news broadcaster (and a there’s a photo of him). He was at WLS roughly late 1930s thru late 1940s. Besides news, he may also have hosted the station’s “School Time” program for a while. I listened to him on WLS when I was a kid in Chicago and can still remember his haunting, unusual voice. I’ve tried for a long time to locate a recording of Bentley’s voice — preferably a recording of him broadcasting on WLS (or even WBBM, where he moved to in about 1950 or so). But I’d be happy to hear any recording of his voice! I’d be grateful if you could possibly tell me who might know where there’s a recording of Bentley’s voice (even a one-minute excerpt!). I’d love to be able to buy a dubbing. But I’ve already tried station WLS (Jeff Davis replied), Chuck Schaden, and Museum of Broadcast Communications.)

Thanks very much.

– Philip Chavin
Stockholm, Sweden

Phillip, Thanks  for your hello from across the pond! I do not have a recording, but I challenge those who drop by the site to find one. Anyone who may have some info, please email Phillip at philchav@hotmail.com -Scott

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