Home Was Never Far Away


A long time ago when I was a child, my mother introduced me to something new; WLS, Rock and Roll, Larry Lujack, ‘little Snotnosed’ Tommy and John Records Landecker, and Bennie and the Jets.  It forever changed my life, and gave me an appreciation for music.  I can still hear the jingle, and the parody of Richard Nixon’s “I am not a crook”, even though it seems lifetimes away now.  And even when I traveled away from my hometown of Beloit Wisconsin, on a good night I could still faintly make out the station, even though I was hundreds of miles away.  It was still there reminding me that home was never that far away.  When WLS changed formats to Talk Radio, it was truly the end of an era.  Gone were the strains of Chicago’s ‘Saturday, in the Park.’  The magic faded.  Tonight, on a whim, I searched the internet and came across your pages.  It is great to see that someone realizes the importance of that history, and what WLS has meant over the years to so many people, such as myself.  And if you even hear from Larry, John or Tommy, please tell them that they are remembered, and missed.

My deepest thanks !

– Michael Grey
WLS Listener, 1967 – 1983

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