Big 89 Countdowns


Great website.  It took me back to the early 70’s, sitting in my Dad’s pickup, tuning in to WLS to hear all the great music that was coming into “my world” from “out there.”

I grew up in a very small town in Western Kansas, and all I listened to religiously, was WLS and AM1520 KOMA out of Oklahoma City.  WLS rocked the most, though, and the music I heard then was my “training” for later becoming a touring musician on the road in the 80’s to current.

Until I started playing gigs on New Year’s Eve, the absolute THING to do, was sit and talk on the phone with my girlfriend, while we both listened to the Big 89 countdown on New Year’s Eve.  I can still hear her radio through the phone, with mine turned down low so Mom & Dad wouldn’t hear me up that “late,” and so I could hear her talk.  We lived for those times.  For three years, ’79, ’80, & ’81, we would do the same thing, and then, the following year, her dad would let her sit in the car with me in their driveway, while we listened to the year-end show.  My first car…My first girlfriend…and WLS.

She has since passed away, but I will always remember those countdowns.  The thing that we waited for with great anticipation was the countdown medley of songs that would play “bites” from the previous years countdowns, through the current year.

Thanks for your time…I appreciate all you’ve been doing.  May God bless you and your family in the approaching new year, and all the years to come.


– Terry Wright
Topeka, Kansas

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