Steve Lundy

Hi Scott,

Great site, but difficult to believe there’s no tape of Steve Lundy available. Do you know anyone that has an aircheck of him on WLS?

A “tough one to find” is an understatement. There’s zero out there of Lundy on WLS amongst collectors. I’ve been searching long & hard. Outside of a couple of short breaks — the ones one on the Reelradio composites, I have a couple other breaks on WLS that I recorded myself way back when (along with Gary Gears, and a beautiful quality 60 min Landecker). Even though there are other airchecks of him on other stations available — there was nothing like Steve Lundy on WLS. I’m thinking the only untapped source of him is from the general public in the Chicago area. In this regard, would you consider placing an appeal to the browsers on your site to come forth if they have some early seventies tapes in their house. I don’t know if you feel strongly enough about this to proceed this way but I know this is truly a rare situation — I don’t know of any similar situation where there’s not a single aircheck available of a major performer at a big league station. Lundy was hitting on all cylinders in Chicago at a time when the Big 89 was also hitting a peak. There may have been other rockers as good — but no one better. No Lundy on WLS — absolutely outrageous!

I know you loved WLS the way I did. I think you may be the only one who can help in a significant way beyond this point.

Thanks Scott.

I’m frustrated …Wayne McAteer

Wayne, Let’s see what our great audience can come up with. Any Steve Lundy airchecks out there?┬áReply here! In the meantime, check out a tribute to Steve here.



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