“New” Radio Station


Great work on the WLS history site!  When I was in 8th grade at Glenview Jr. High in 1960 a friend told me about a “new” radio station: WLS.  I turned it on, and I was hooked. I wrote each jock a letter and some of them wrote my back individually.  What was really cool though, they all signed a postcard with their pictures on the front.  It was not the printed version they would later use.  Each jock used a different pen with different color ink.  I just had it framed and it hangs in my den with my music and other radio stuff.

WLS is the reason I have been in radio for nearly 36 years.  It’s sad to think four of the personalities on that postcard (Art Roberts, Sam Holman, Gene Taylor and Mort Crowley) are spinning the hits on high now.  I remember getting sweaty palms going up the elevator in the Stone Container Building to visit WLS.  If it were still there I would probably still get sweaty palms.


– Bill Saul
Jones Radio Network (US Country format)

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