Bob Hale


Sheesh… “1960 and you weren’t even born yet..” And now look at ya! Doing well there, youngster!!! Bigger thanks for what you have done for Chicago radio history. Because I am doing freelance writing and photography I had toyed with doing something on Chicago radio history. Heck, you’ve done a bang up job! It’s needed; it’s excellent work. Obviously it is now on my “favorites” list. How did you amass such a grand history? Exhausting, I’d think.

I’d add only one slice…and it’s personal. When I left ‘LS in 1964 it was at the time WMAQ was trying to go “pop” and I ended up with the early evening show preceding Jack Eigan. Then, when the shift was done, I was Jack’s announcer, doing four or five one-minute commercials “live”at a time. There were nights when no audience came up to the show and no guests showed up.┬áSo Jack trotted me into the studio and I was his guest until someone else showed up! What a year! After that I went over to Channel 32 and signed them on and became all-around voice and on-cam guy. I also was doing a once a week teen talk show on Channel 5. From that evolved my 14 years as host of “Today in Chicago” …’s interesting to work it all backwards.

Your site sure got me thinking about it all.

Thanks for the top drawer work!

– Bob Hale

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