Jim Hampton

Hi Scott.

Thanks for including me in to the Where Are They Now segment. I was the production manager of WLS during 1969 to 1971 while Mike McCormick was Program Director.

I’m now running a marketing, syndication and sponsorship sales company in Los Angeles, CA. By the way, I have a lot of WLS production stuff in my storage bin. Particularly lots of PSA’s and station imaging I did with Joel Sebastian, Steve Lundy and Fred Winston. In fact, I did tons of pop PSA’s and built the tags with Lundy that said, “WLS says a lot for Chicago” and WLS getting it said for Chicago”. It was fun because I used to hear other stations around the country imitate not only the PSA’s but also the tags that Lundy did. In fact there was this guy in Charlotte at WBT, Tom McMurray, that used to recreate the stuff word for word, note for note. Incredible. I would’ve just sent them to him.


– Jim Hampton
Former WLS Production Director
Greenhouse Marketing Group

Jim Hampton on the air at WXYZ Detroit in 1966

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