I read with interest your information on WLS-FM. WENR-FM also has an interesting history. From the mid 1940s until 1955, when WENR-AM merged with WLS-AM, and WLS-AM went fulltime, WENR-FM simulcast WENR-AM. After that, to keep the license, WENR-FM simulcast the sound of sister station WBKB-TV for a few years. Then it aired five hours a day of ABC Radio programming. Finally, WENR broadcast five hours a day of classical music, jazz, Broadway music and background music. The station was computerized and operated out of a broom closet at WBKB at 190 N. State St. Becoming WLS-FM, the station moved to 360 N. Michigan Ave., the home of WLS-AM. Some of the DJ’s there did double duty, working the station breaks at WBKB and doing air time on WLS-FM. One such person was Don Ferris, who had worked at Channel 11 and did a jazz show at WXFM. Ferris returned to channel 11 and recently retired from there.

I am presently writing a book on the history of Chicago radio: 1922 to the present time and hope to get it published by the end of the year.

-Kenneth R. Masson

Don Ferris


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