WLS Transmitter & Tower


I just finished reading every page and listening to every link on your great WLS web site.  I was a kid growing up in the ’60s and ’70s and my back yard adjoined the huge field just west of Tinley Park where the WLS transmitting tower was (and is) located.  All of the kids use to climb the fence and “play war” while daring each other to go closer to the tower.  We never got up the nerve to actually walk ALL the way up to it!  What a kick as a kid to listen to guys like Lujack and Landecker on the radio while staring out my bedroom window at that huge hulking tower.  My brother and I grew up watching lightning strike it during thunderstorms and were “shocked and awed” as the guide wires sparkled and flashed with its power.  The station was so strong that we use to pick up “The Rock of Chicago” through our heating ducts on a regular basis.  My neighbor got it through her mix master and the entire neighborhood got it through their telephone at one time or another.

It was a great era and a great station.  Thanks for the memories!


-Ron Woods

Ron, Thanks so much for the memories! I am VERY glad that you and your friends did not get the nerve to get near the tower, because we probably would not be getting your email today! You probably would have been fried, just like the bugs in a bug zapper! A 50,000 watt AM tower radiates it’s whole length and can be very dangerous.  Glad you passed on your great story! -Scott


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