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Authored by the creator of the website Scott Childers, this illustrated history of the Big 89 will take you from it's inception by Sears Roebuck in the 1920's all the way to last year's Big 89 Rewind special!

Many well-known celebrities, like Gene Autry, owe their careers to the Big 89, through the famous Saturday night program The National Barn Dance. Local personalities such as Dick Biondi, Larry Lujack, and John Records Landecker became household names thanks to the stations incredible influence.

With over 200 pictures, CHICAGO'S WLS RADIO scans the entire history of the station, featuring engaging hosts, the biggest stars, and lots of fun. It will be a must have for any radio fan! It feature many never seen before photographs as well as an informative glimpse into the long and storied history of the 50,00 watt powerhouse. Plus, the book features a compelling introduction by longtime WLS personality and station voice Jeff Davis.

Part of the Images Of America series by Arcadia Press.

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And at your Chicago area Barnes and Noble, Waldenbooks and other retailers that carry the Images of America series.

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Published October 8, 2008

Just the cover photo alone -- showing an incredibly young Bob Sirott and Larry Lujack -- is well worth the price of a new book about WLS-AM (890).

Due out Oct. 20 by Arcadia Publishing, Chicago's WLS Radio is Scott Childers' long-awaited history of the 50,000-watt giant from its founding in 1923 by Sears-Roebuck (inspiring the call letters for "World's Largest Store") to its current identity as a Citadel Broadcasting news/talk station.

While the book pays proper homage to Herb Morrison's Hindenburg broadcast ("Oh, the humanity!") and the "National Barn Dance" days of the old Prairie Farmer station, the real emotional draw is to the Top 40 heyday of WLS as "The Rock of Chicago."

Childers is one of millions who grew up transfixed by "The Big 89." But in his case, he turned his interest into vocations as a Chicago radio personality and the unofficial historian of the station. His Web site led directly to his writing the book.

Enhancing hundreds of rare and riveting photos are Childers' authoritative captions. It includes an introduction by Jeff Davis, the longtime WLS jock and voice of the station.


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