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ABC in the 1960s.

ABC in the 1970s.

ABC/CapCities in the 1980s. 

ABC/Disney in the 1990s and today. 

Prairie Farmer in the 1930s-1950s. 

Sears in the 1920s.

Pages about WLS Personalities... 

Len Baldy

Burridge D. Butler

Phil "Doc" Duncan

Johnny Frigo

Ed Grennan

Jeffrey Hendrix

Larry Lujack Tribute

Larry Lujack & John Landecker

Art Roberts

Fred Winston

Pages about WLS Programs... 

Animal Stories 

The Big 89 Countdown 

The Big 89 Rewind 2007

The Big 89 Rewind 2008


The National Barn Dance 



The Last Day of Rock in 1989

The WLS Schedule: 1960 - 1990 

The Silver Dollar Survey Show 

Smile-A-While Show 

The Tooth Fairy 

Miscellaneous WLS History Pages... 

Thoughts & Thanks by curator Scott Childers 

50 Years Of Rock & Roll: May 2, 1960

The WLS Family Albums 1930-1957 

The WLS Jingles

A Quick History of Chicago's 94.7 FM. 

Sears "At Your Service" Advertisement 

Styx Tribute Advertisement 

What's New? 

The WLS Picture of the Week 

Your Thoughts 

Pages about the WLS Surveys... 

A look at the surveys from the 1980s.

WLS Survey list - in chronological order, 1971-1986. 

The First Survey - The Last Survey

The Silver Dollar Survey Show

"? Survey" December 29, 1979




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