"I got nowhere to go but up!" exclaims Alice Cooper.


The Sunday night interview show featured hundreds of stars from the world of rock, pop and R&B.  If they were on WLS, sooner or later they were on the show. Musicpeople was a locally produced, one-hour program of music and talk that featured most of the WLS jocks as interviewers.   Jeff Davis and Brant Miller became the de-facto rotating hosts in later years.

Musicpeople aired for over ten years and garnered several awards and accolades.  It also proved that talk radio on WLS could be successful ... and fun!

Jeff Davis interviews Tommy Shaw of Styx.


Bob Sirott gives The Bay City Rollers 
their "lovely parting gifts" in 1976.


Billy Joel enjoys a chat (and some coffee)
with Larry Lujack.


John Landecker and Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen.
Nice ties!